Prescribed Music List (PML) !!!

WOW!  I’m excited to share that 6 of my compositions published by Row-Loff Productions have been picked up by the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List committee!

It has always been a dream of mine to have music published and recognized on State Lists!  Now onto Concert Band music 🙂

Spotify …

Ok! So, I’m really excited to have my Once Upon A Runner album on Spotify!

O.U.R. is a game that I worked on long ago with SaltyPepper Studios. It was my first complete digital album so I am excited about that.

It’s a freemium game out on Android and iOS stores.

More updates ….

Updated website … check

Updated Soundcloud w my files … check

Updated BandCamp w files … check

Signed on to DistroKid distribution … check

The last one was interesting. I’ve never signed up for a service like that. Basically, they distribute music across different platforms worldwide for $20 yearly. It’ll be cool to hear my tunes on Spotify! 😀

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About Me… My first blog post

Hello!  I am nearly completed with updating my website.  I am hoping that I am able to introduce people to my music and also find more projects to continue writing.

As you know, I had several compositions published Row-Loff Publications.  They have graciously published three of my tunes this past year and have offered to publish three more tunes in their next catalog!!

I have also submitted tunes to UIL for Sightreading Contest consideration.  I’ll keep you posted.  <fingers crossed> 

I already have had a few commissions for UIL Concert marches!  I am working on another video game project too.  My goal is to compose more and more music.

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