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Sahara Sunrise (Medium Easy)

Comprising around 25% of all of Africa, the Saharan Desert is the world’s largest hot desert and stretches over ten countries, nearly 8% of the world’s land area. Sahara Sunrise allows listeners to visit this great landmark. Sahara Sunrise is broken into two sections. The opening is reminiscent of a sunrise over desert dunes. The second section is a ride through the desert on your camel. We hope you and your audience enjoy Sahara Sunrise!


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Battle of Titan (Very Easy)

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and is an incredible world. It is known to have liquids in the form of rivers, lakes and seas. Now, there is battle brewing for control of Titan and your students have been recruited to assist! Battle of Titan is a fun and powerful piece to show off your ensemble. Your kids will enjoy the journey through space to the Battle of Titan! Please note instructional materials are included: Melodic Charts


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The Midnight Marauder (Medium Easy)

The Midnight Marauder — an adventurous & fun journey into the world of mystery & intrigue. The composition is written in medium cut time tempo with some exotic chords & memorable melodies. Percussion is present throughout to move the action. This composition will delight your audiences. clip-clop, clip-clop … The Midnight Marauder is on the move. Adventure awaits.


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